Top 3 Most Burdensome Tasks on Family as a Relative Ages (and How to Get Help)

As a relative ages, things can get more difficult in many ways, both for the aging relative and the family caregivers.

The Top 3 Tasks that Become a Challenge on Families as Relatives Age are:

1. Transportation. In addition to evaluating whether or not an aging relative should be driving, often increased appointments with healthcare professionals, daily errands, and trips to the grocery store, can increase transportation demand.

2. Household Tasks. Often, the responsibility of daily chores falls on the family, who often have homes of their own to take care of. From piles of unopened mail, to scheduling home repairs, and helping pay bills – seemingly normal household tasks can become very burdensome for an aging relative, but these are things that must be done.

3. Self-Care Tasks. From taking daily medicines to bathing, it can become very difficult for an aging relative to complete self-care tasks. Ensuring that these self-care tasks are maintained can be difficult for family caregivers, as they typically already have a busy schedule of their own.

How to Get Help

As a caregiver, it important to remember that the relative is likely already struggling with the fact that he or she is unable to effectively and fully take care of themselves the way they have always done. It is incredibly important to have compassion, however this can also be difficult while experiencing additional responsibilities and coping with seeing someone you love age. At A & A Aging Life Care Specialists, we are also here to help with the often overwhelming, changing life conditions. Our team is skilled at working with families and creating plans that will work for both the caregivers and the relatives. Please call 919-522-8996 for a FREE phone consultation.