Signs your Loved Ones Might Need a Caregiver

What to do for aging loved ones can be a difficult decision for most families. For many, a nursing home is out of the question, but for working families oftentimes, having an elderly parent or loved one move in can prove difficult. Often, these loved ones might be becoming increasingly more dependent, but due to pride refuse to admit it. The question of whether or not to hire help can be a delicate topic.

Here are four signs that an aging loved one may need a life care specialist:

Forgetfulness: One of the top signs that help might be needed is increasing forgetfulness. Including forgetting to take medication, forgetting important details of the day, or skipping meals. For those with severe medical conditions, forgetting medications can be especially dangerous.

Poor hygiene: For the elderly, regular tasks such as bathing, brushing teeth, washing clothes, and changing can become burdensome. Family members might find addressing these concerns awkward, especially with parents.

Inability to drive: Disorientation and loss of clear vision can lead to the inability to drive for the elderly. This can be especially tricky for working relatives to handle especially when their aging loved ones have conditions warranting regular hospital and doctor visits.

Isolation: Does your loved one exhibit signs of isolation and detachment? Perhaps she/he no longer engages in the activities they used to, or their social network has been deteriorating. Interaction is crucial for physical and mental well-being for those in end-of-life stages.

If a loved one is displaying any of these symptoms, it might be time to consider a care-taker. At A&A Aging Life Care Specialists, our goal is to help keep your loved one happy and healthy, while still allowing them to maintain their dignity, and self-esteem. Contact us today to see how we can help your loved one maintain their well-being during this stage in life.