How to Choose an Aging Life Care Specialist for Your Family

Aging specialist is an ambiguous term, so we always like to start by clearing up confusion. As an aging specialist, we help adult children and seniors guide the decisions about where to age and how much help they may need. As a Raleigh aging specialist, there are so many similar businesses that it can be tough for a family to know which company is the right choice.

3 tips we always share with our new clients about choosing an aging life care specialist are:

1. Experience: It is always important to begin by asking about their experience level and what they are comfortable working around. For example, some aging care specialists are uncomfortable with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

2. Communication Style: This is an incredibly stressful time for the senior that is walking through it and the family that is supporting them. It is important to choose an aging life care specialist that has the time and communication style to answer questions you may have.

3. Passion: This is a business that you have to be passionate about the seniors and families being served. Ask the owner of the aging life care business why they love what they do and why they chose this field.

4. Services Available: Many aging life care specialists only offer consulting services which is great if that is all that is needed. However, if there are questions about mental capacity and decision making, it’s important to look for someone with the ability to do screenings, provide medical monitoring, and more.

There are probably a handful of questions coming to mind for you and we would love to answer those. Take a moment to contact Heather at A&A Aging Life Care Specialists now!