How do I know if I need an Aging Life Care Specialist?

1.  Do you have a loved one that lives out of the state and you worry about?

​2.  Are you scared for the safety of yourself or a loved one?

​3.  Do you need assistance finding resources, and services for yourself or a loved one?

4.  Are you confused by the healthcare system and/or social service system?

5. Are you feeling overwhelmed & tired from you or a loved ones’ changing life conditions?

​6.  Do you have no or limited family support?

7.  Are you experiencing stressful family conditions over care of a loved one?

​8.  Do you find it difficult to run errands such as picking up medication, caring for pets,
grocery shopping, etc.

​If you answered YES to 3 or more of these questions, you may need an Aging Life Care Specialist.  Please call 919-522-8996 for a FREE phone consultation.