What to Ask When Looking For An Aging Life Care Professional

Finding the right person to help take care of an aging loved one can be challenging and many people struggle with the idea of having a ‘stranger’ help with this. As families grow in the Raleigh area, we’re seeing more and more people in need of aging life care professionals for their loved ones, which leads to many questions about how to choose the right one.

Here are some important questions to ask when looking for the right person:

  1. How much experience do they have? Knowing that this person has had experience caring for aging adults is a minimum requirement. Geriatric patients have specific needs and it takes experience to know how to meet those needs.
  2. What services do they offer? Some care specialists offer household help, others offer errands or transportation, while others offer to be more of a patient advocate. Make sure the person you’re going to work with offers the services needed for your aging loved one.
  3. Where do they work? Each hospital has a network of doctors and health professionals and sometimes aging care specialists are more familiar with one than the others. It’s good to know if a potential candidate is well-versed in your preferred network.
  4. What is their ‘why’? Aging life care is not always easy. It takes someone with a special heart and a true desire to be in this profession. Make sure the professional hired is doing this for the right reasons and that it’s not just a job to them.

An aging life care professional can make life easier or complicate an already tough situation. Taking the time to research each potential candidate and asking them the right questions will help ensure you find the right care professional for a loved one. Contact A & A Aging Life Care Specialists to see how we can help.