What a Life Care Specialist Can Do That A Caregiver Can’t

Sometimes in life, we’re thrown into situations that we aren’t prepared to handle. These life curveballs are especially difficult and draining when it comes to managing an elder loved one’s care. Many people know about hiring a caregiver to help out, but often, the family needs a life care specialist who can do more than just provide in-home care that caregivers generally give. As more and more seniors become part of the Wake Forest, NC community, we’re seeing a higher need for life care specialists.

What does a life care specialist do?

  1. Advocate for the patient: At its very basic core, a life care specialist is someone on the patient’s team who knows how to best provide care for a patient.
  2. Help family navigate the system: Elder care can be very confusing. Many patients and families find that they don’t know what they need to know to get the necessary care for the patient. A life care specialist will help inform the family of the available options for care.
  3. Create a health plan: A life care specialist will work with a family to create and execute a health plan. The plan can include accompanying the patient to medical appointments and reporting on it, scheduling assessments, creating an action plan of what to do at specific times in the patient’s health journey and more.
  4. Assess and monitor health concerns: A life care specialist will assess the patient and continue to monitor their status in order to have concrete information of the progression of the patient’s health.

Managing elder health is an emotional and scary time for many families, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A life care specialist can go beyond what a caretaker can provide and be a true ally for the family. If you are in need of life care services for your elder loved one, please contact A&A Aging Life Care Specialists.