How to Take Care of Older Loved Ones

Patience is key to a good caregiver. Being able to be there for the elderly when they need it most requires patience and awareness. We have compiled a how-to list of taking care of older loved ones.

Here are some tips for taking care of older loved ones:

  • Establish a routine: Arriving on time and following an established routine helps older loved ones have the care that they need as well as routine they can follow. The routine is flexible, but the medication times are not. Planning activities that help them stay mentally engaged or physically engaged helps to increase the quality of life.
  • Notice any changes: Disruptions in regular patterns can mean that a doctor’s appointment may need to be scheduled or a pharmacist needs to be called. Life Care Specialists have ongoing education as well as awareness to notice when changes have occurred. They can also monitor conditions and decide if they think urgent care is necessary for a situation. Relaying and communicating information to families is important to make sure that their family member is cared for.
  • Listen: Being there for the elderly means listening, talking, laughing, and maybe even crying together. Specialists are there to remember aspects of their lives. They show that they care by celebrating birthdays or remembering a word for the crossword. Acts of kindness do not go unnoticed as it shows that you care.
  • Be present: Similar to the previous point, but different in that being present means engaging with the elderly through playing puzzles or cards. Discussing the TV show or the news with them and hearing what they have to say. Sometimes it could mean silence, but your presence is all that they need to feel secure.

Taking care of older loved ones is an act of service and an act of love.  Contact A & A Aging Life Care Specialists if you notice that your loved one needs extra help and monitoring of health conditions. We are there to care for your family.